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Thread: 34mm mounts wanted

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    34mm mounts wanted

    Looking for the above size mounts to cater a 56mm objective lens.. Ideally some sphur mounts or nightforce ultra light.. If you have any other quality brands like badger,third eye please get in touch via PM.

    Just to to add its for a PM 2 5-25x56 or a NF Atacr 5-25x56. Not decided yet.

    Thanks Aaron

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    I've got a set of 3rd Eye Tactical, looking for 100, they fitted a Tikka.

    PM me your email if you want some pics sending.


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    Who have you PM'd? If it's me, I've not received anything....

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    Pm was sent to Slickshot.

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    Cheers guys.. But I bought some Sphur mounts when I bought the optic.. Thanks

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