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    100 yd range


    Is there anywhere in Surrey/Sussex with a 100 yd range for checking a quick zero before heading out. Im finding it a real pain to have to go to bisley everytime i swap a scope around or buy a new one. Most my shooting is late night foxing and cant really set up and find zero whilst well into the night. Cant seem to find any on the internet and wondered if you guys knew if there is a facility to do this around Surrey/Sussex.

    Any help appreciated.

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    A box with a candle in it will work at night

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    Ask one of your permissions if you can pop over during the day just to zero your rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipa View Post
    Ask one of your permissions if you can pop over during the day just to zero your rifle
    +1 for the common sense approach

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    Hi Sam
    I feel your pain. the lack of decent affordable, public and convenient 100 M ranges in the South East is such a limitation. There are ranges around, but mostly on private land, so not for public access.
    I would agree one of your permissions is best place to start.
    Good luck

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