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Thread: My First Deer

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    My First Deer

    A big thanks to Geoff and Robin of Kent and Sussex Deer Control for helping me finally shoot my first Deer on Saturday morning. It was a nice yearling fallow doe. After meeting early morn and then heading out on their ground in East Sussex i was rewarded with a broad side shot from a lovely little seat up on the hill overlooking the lake (too be honest i could of sat there all day!) We then changed grounds and soon after leaving the car two fallow does came bounding out the trees towards us before a round was even in the chamber. We stalked the woods in search of them but had little luck, unlike the deer who seemed to of had an extremely lucky encounter. Had a cracking day with some good company and will definitely be going back in search of my second.

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    Congratulations Sam on grassing your first deer, hopefully this will be the first of many.

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    Hi Sam Please to hear that you enjoyed your day with us and it gave me much pleasure to watch you shoot your first deer, as sjb1956 said, first of many i hope, look forward to our next outing, Regards Geoff

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    Well done Sam!

    I think I know the spot by the lake you are talking about


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    Well done Sam I'm glad you enjoyed your day.
    It's a shame I couldn't let you shoot the Roe but we have so few on that piece of ground.
    You are right about the spot Alex that is where you shot yours, except now we have a comfy seat cut into the bank,
    with lovely views all around the valley.

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