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Thread: Sika Stalking price ??

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    Sika Stalking price ??

    Just returned from my first paid stalking weekend and a little disappointed to say the least, me and a pal arranged 2 days , all good so far. First morning met the stalker and followed him to the ground.
    First off we had to decide who went with the stalker ( Me) and my mate was pointed in a direction of where to go, meet back here in 3 hours he was told, Bear in mind this ground was totally alien to us and of a very steep terrain. I left with the stalker and after 3 hours of ups and downs we saw nothing, plenty of signs of deer though. My mate had a similar blank 3 hours. A 2 hour tea break followed. at 1 o clock we swapped places and my pal left with the stalker and I was basically sent to the same area my mate has just been round ??. Another blank 3 hours for both of us . back to the digs and some tea and a few pints.
    Basically the next day was identical but I did manage to see 2 sika they were 300yds + and on the move very fast, my mate saw nothing.
    I was told the price was 90 a stalk which was ok my question is this - Is this common practice to charge clients the same price for unguided stalking as guided ?? and to send stalkers on the same beat that has been covered earlier that day.
    We feel a bit aggrieved parting with 360 each when our chances of a shot seemed remote. Needless to say we will not be returning
    Not a bad weekends work if you can get it 720 Tax free.
    Any thoughts guys or am I just tight

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    That is just why I don't engage in that form of shooting (or walking) in your case.....
    However I am sure there will be a good number of comments on this subject...or not as you never went with a named stalker.........


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    The stalker involved was supposed to be reputible and advertises so on his website and I have chosen not to name him (yet) in case I am barking up the wrong tree.
    Another thought is H&S when we were alone stalking NO PHONE SIGNAL and no real idea where we might be if we got into difficulties eg slips +falls does not bear thinking about.
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    Cumbrian, it looks like he seen you coming with pockets full of money. I am a firm believer that these people need to be named so that some other unfortunate person will not be taken in by high expectations possibly myself included. Name and Shame so that i and others are not led down the same path...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbleweed View Post
    Cumbrian, it looks like he seen you coming with pockets full of money. I am a firm believer that these people need to be named so that some other unfortunate person will not be taken in by high expectations possibly myself included. Name and Shame so that i and others are not led down the same path...............
    Vey true,
    I have already had some PM's asking if this was ina certain area and they were all correct ?? Seems like we have been done over by PAUL WAIN !!!! in the TWEED VALLEY AREA
    Choose your stalking with care thats all I can say.

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    Hi Brian

    I know how you feel. I have blanked many times with a stalker, seeing more sign of deer than i could believe, but they have made good in many ways, and i have absolutely no gripe with them, it is really disappointing however, and i know they would really liked me to have been more lucky, my days out with them have just been unlucky and most others do really well, i just choose crap days! I have done incredibly well with them on their other grounds, and very happy.

    Not getting into price or the deal, that is struck before going out, i simply ask three questions.

    Do you believe that the stalking was just unlucky, did you have a good chance and could you have had a similar experience at another time and had a deer or two?

    Secondly, i have never experienced being sent off on my own by a pro stalker on their ground, was this part of the deal and was there other ground on the estate you could have stalked?

    Finally, do you think it was just bad luck, with the deer not playing their part and being elsewhere on the estate or another another reason why you did not have a chance at them. I have some grounds that are really weather dependant so ask the question with this in mind.


    ps, never even seen a sika, so really no expert on these, but keen to get into them next year
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    While I understand your dissatisfaction with the stalker for hire - you also were stalking sika, which from my experience are the most wary of your UK species. While your guide May or may not have treated you fairly, it seems that it takes only a single error on anyone's part to make a sika stalk go wrong.

    Again, in my limited experience, if I wanted sika I would go with a someone proven to deliver.

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    That just seems bad, I would be well hacked off getting treated like that. Yes you can be unlucky on the day it's happened to us all no doubt. But sent away on your own and a two hour tea break that would really boil my p##h. I've only ever been out with two professional stalking outfits Moray Stalking School. and Colin Lockerbie Solway Stalker. They all worked their nads off trying to find deer and to be honest you can't ask for more than that. My last outing with Colin was a total contrast to the previous one. There were deer everywhere he took me whereas the previous time we couldn't find a stag but that was just my bad luck on the day. I think you were stitched up.

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    I have been out with several "Proffesional Stalkers " who post their services in SD.
    I have not always shot deer but can say I have always been more than satisfied with the service provided.
    These are wild animals we are looking for and although I have never stalked Sika they are reputed to be the most elusive of the species .

    I think when you pay someone to take you stalking you have to fully agree on the T & C before and make sure they are adhered to.
    It is a great shame your experience was not good but I would suggest you look through the posts on here and you can clearly see who will take you stalking and give you a good experience.
    Good luck with any future stalks and I love the picture of your dog

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    It strikes me as odd that before dusk and dawn you weren't each placed to sit in a known productive spot so that you could watch? Sika are sharp and clock any movement.



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