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Thread: First Snow of the year

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    First Snow of the year

    Looking out this morning it was nice to see the hills dressed with their first snow of the season. The tops well covered & a dusting down to 1000ft - I'll take a picture when the sun gets up a bit further. -- Nearly time to get the snow camo gear & wooly knickers out!


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    As promised - the view from the front door - why I live where I do!
    The horses are the retired garon ponies who used to work here.


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    Picture postcard Ian - very nice indeed. A beautiful view to wake up to, whatever the season
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    What an amazing view. Thanks for sharing the picture.

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    It's a pity I don't have a better camera - that is taken with an ancient 2MP Kodak camera - Note to self to buy a new one! - Any suggestions?


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    We had our first snow about a fortnight ago, all gone again apart from the high tops, where it will remain until June or even July next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorric View Post
    It's a pity I don't have a better camera - that is taken with an ancient 2MP Kodak camera - Note to self to buy a new one! - Any suggestions?

    A good entry level DSLR is a Nikon D3200. Prices vary from between £280 and £340. Here is a link

    I bought one for my wife last year after talking to a few guys in different independent shops and the general consensus was to buy the D3200 or the entry +1 level Cannon. She is very happy with it and has taken some great photos. The only down side to a 24Mp camera is sending uncompressed pictures!

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    Thanks for that Jimmy - I am thinking more of a good quality compact jobbie that will go in my pocket.
    I do like to play the SLR / DSLR game but the bulk always puts me off from taking one out & about.
    I bought the wife a little Fuji - It works fine & takes good pictures but the zoom button is terrible on it - hard to use smoothly & not nice to handle.
    I must get into a good camera shop & have a play with a few to see what handles best.


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    I'm currently looking at the bridge camera esp the Lumix with the Leica lens. As a diehard SLR user this is an interesting option

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    For general pictures you don't really need the huge megapixel cameras that are everywhere nowadays. A simple 8 or maybe 12mp camera will serve your purposes. 12mp+ is really if you intend to start enlarging images for printing. For example you could enlarge your picture and then crop it to show the top of the mountain.
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