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Thread: Sonic 35 Moderator - Anyone use one? Any good?

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    Sonic 35 Moderator - Anyone use one? Any good?

    I am wanting to get a moderator for my .270 (Already screw cut and have a slot for a .270 Moderator in my ticket). Being on a bit of a tight budget I have been doing a bit of "shopping around" and came across a guin shop fairly close to me which sells "Sonic" moderators - They have the Sonic 35 listed at 169 which seems fairly cheap for a brand new moderator. However I am a little wary of buying a moderator which I haven't heard of before and the only thing I could find when I looked for any reviews was the video below. Unfortunately the video does not give much of an idea regarding the build quality )Which looks pretty good on film) nor does it give any information regarding the effectiveness of the moderator.
    Does anyone have a "Sonic Moderator" that could give their opinions and thoughts about them or has anyone used one of these in the past who could offer any feedback to possibly save me from wasting any money of they are "not up to scratch" please?

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    There is an older thread about these mods on here according to google.


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    The 35's aren't man enough for a 270 and are better suited to 222,223

    They do a 45 version but there are better mods out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wsm View Post
    The 35's aren't man enough for a 270 and are better suited to 222,223

    They do a 45 version but there are better mods out there
    Thanks for that. I looked at the size of them and did wonder if they were man enough even though they are listed as suitable for a .270 (And even a .308) on the web site where I found them.

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    I have a Sonic 45 on my 243 Sako and I think it performs fine and is a good price, really reduces the report, however it does need to be cleaned internal or it quickly shows signs of rust.

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    I think I have one on a .260 it's either a 35 or 45

    its okay and and does a job, not as good as my ase ultra but it's half the weight and half the cost.

    on a stalking gun I think it does a good enough job, reduces the gun noise - for one or two rounds. I wouldn't put lots of rounds through it like I would on my ase ultra -308 target rifle 20 rounds rapid fire not an issue - although heat haze becomes the issue.

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    I have a Sonic 45, came as part of the Howa pack. On the basis it's standard issue on the 800 Howa deal there must be a fair few out there.

    I have put a couple of hundred rounds through it and not felt the need to clean it, but I will do soon. It does the job as said on the tin, no complaints from me. There are no doubt better, but then they cost more and do the same job. There are bigger and smaller, this one seems to fit in the middle and I have never felt it is too big.

    I have never tried to reduce it, but if you so wished you could make the mod smaller by taking sections out, I guess you could then balance noise reduction versus length for car work etc.

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