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Thread: Syndicate question

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    Syndicate question

    Hi All,

    I have noticed that there has been quite a few syndicate places available over the last few weeks. is this particular to this time of year or is it just coincidence?
    I've been toying with the idea of joining a syndicate but need to make sure i've got the cash at the right time. i have just rang the guy who runs our game syndicate and told him i wont be rejoining this year as i'm fed up with being one of the only guns with dogs. this leaves me with some spare cash around July when i would have been paying for that. Will I be too late by then? is it a regular March thing?
    Game syndicates usually look for guns about this time of year then again when it's time to pay up as inevitably some guys will drop out when it's time to pay.


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    It's to do with Financial Year running out, renewing on Apr 1st, most leases will also run from Apr to Apr, hence Syndicate Places becoming available, people dropping out of syndicates as they are no good/can't afford it/now have their own ground etc....


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    It's the time of year. It's traditional to run from April 1st beginning of roe bucks, financial year etc.


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    It's to get the advertising in before the annual bonuses are spent

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    Then again I'm in a syndicate in Scotland that starts with the beginning of the Roe Doe season!


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