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Thread: 30.06 in France

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    30.06 in France

    Dear All - I appeal to anyone who can share recent experience hunting in France. I understand that from Oct 13 .308 and 30-06 are now considered sporting calibre, and can be used in the same way as 7 x 64 for example. Has anyone out there tested this, or have any in-depth knowledge on what exactly has happened with the laws?

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    plenty on here including the actual piece of legislation, written in french so can be printed and stuck between their noses and Gauloise's.

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    Not only is it correct but the .30-06 is the runaway commercial success of the year in France! All the manufacturers of rifles and cartridges are falling over each other to flood France with the .30-06.

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    Been there and done that with .308 and problems at all......speak to "french david" on here.........

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    Very many thanks to you all for the confirmation. Great tip Martin, I will get hold of "French David", and I'm therefore assuming that soon you'll even be able to buy 30-06 ammunition (if lucky and if unexpectedly required)...

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