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Thread: Concrete for new dog run

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    Concrete for new dog run

    Just doing a new kennel block what strength concrete should I be asking for when I have a ring around for costs
    cheers Norma

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    same as for stabbles mate to avoid urine rotting the concrete ask for c35 mix

    atb steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20/20 View Post
    same as for stabbles mate to avoid urine rotting the concrete ask for c35 mix

    atb steve
    thats the stuff I was going to say Steve is that the one with the fibres mixed in ?
    regards pete

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    no not as standard pete fibres are extra funily enough got a price off hansons today 97+ vat per M3 with fibers


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    Don't use fibre reinforced. you don't need reinforcing in a dog base and the fibres just won't help. We have tried it in cattle sheds and it's no good.

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    I was just going to throw some weld mesh off cuts I had its a 4metre by 3 metre base ?

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    A tonne and a half of gravel and six bags of cement

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    Norma if your thinking of readymix you need to ask for pav 2 used in farmyards etc


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    mix by hand will be much cheaper and enlist a mate to help as above
    ensure a well compacted base
    let concrete cure and spend money saved on sealing coat of some description (like polycote) which will resist urine

    take the helper for a stalk after youll have loads of voulenteers
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    Ask Red Dot. Believe it or not the man knows his concrete.

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