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    After a tidy pair of boots, need to have 2 roles

    1. I work stood outside all day in sales so with the cold my tidy brown shoes are useless, they need to double up as a warm pair that keep my feet warm stood about for 8ish hours
    2. Double up for a hunting / stalking / shooting boot

    Obv need to be waterproof and warm, appreciate advice and also if there's any sales or best places to pickup a pair, cheers

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    Timberland splitrock smart and comfortable i have the steel toe caps for work do a 12hour shift and then wear them out lamping

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    Have a look at Altbergs, as compared to most others they are light & flexible, which helps keep feet warm. They do quite a range including cold weather models for the forces and bikers, so cold feet shouldn't be a problem. Prices aren't quite as scary as some either.

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    As said before...

    The British Army now issue Haix (very well respected German boot maker) and Altberg (very well respected UK boot maker) to soldiers. These are good boots though, perhaps, might take a little more breaking in than some of the commercial boots. These boots are available as surplus items for around 50. I've bought "grade 1" boots from the following people and they were brand new, a friend also bought some and they were also brand new. The Haix (what I have) seem to be more readily available than the Altbergs:

    Footwear - British Military Surplus

    I currently have 7 pairs of boots ranging from expensive "trendy" stalking boots to the surplus boots and although some are better or worse at specific tasks I can't say that the surplus boots are any worse or of less quality than the most expensive pair I own.
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    I managed to get hold of a pait of Altberg Field & Fell. Coupled with a pair of Sealskinz socks, they have been superb at keeping my feet warm and dry.
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    Altbergs from Richmond, north Yorkshire. A few keepers I know on the grouse moors, also swear by them.

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    For the dual role you require I would go for the Brasher boot. I often wear them if I have to spend the day on my feet wandering around town.


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    Used Altburgs during my time in the army top class boots, covered some miles in them
    but now use mindles for shooting stalking.

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    If your spending that much time in them I understand Alturgs do bespoke if you are ever anywhere near Richmond

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazTOshoot View Post
    Altbergs from Richmond, north Yorkshire. A few keepers I know on the grouse moors, also swear by them.
    A question...How do the sizes run?
    They look like top quality materials and construction.
    The US sizes listed are in round, not half sizes: 9, 10, 11, 12, mostly medium width. Are they actually generous, like a 10 really a 10.5?

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