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Thread: Custom knife

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    Custom knife

    A buddy of mine is after getting a custom knife made- question to all you knife officiando's, any recommendations for a custom knife maker?

    Thanks in advance

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    Guy Stainthorp

    Circa 8 month waiting list.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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    Make a shortlist.

    Put Guy Stainthorp's name on it.

    stainthorp knives | News

    You can stop there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    Guy Stainthorp

    Circa 8 month waiting list.

    Snap !

    You posted while I was typing

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    After being lucky enough to see Stuart Mitchell's work first hand I'm seriously considering a stalking knife from him.

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    Hey up Nick. Your'e a handy guy can't you just make one out of an old hacksaw blade. That'll do the job on them fallow.

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    What do you want from the knife? A collectors item that will sit in a drawer and never be used, or a proper stalkers knife that has had much thought put into both the design, it's intended use, the materials and the ergonomics. Because if it's the latter I can't recommend Dougster on here highly enough...

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    Andy Martland - fantastic knives. My brother is now the proud owner of one as his best man's present from me. Seriously lovely bit of kit for which I have a seriously green eye. Andy also has a waiting list but quite often has some knives ready to go. There are a couple on his site now.

    Martland Knives - Home

    There are several knife forums online and after much research a couple of months ago, his name kept coming up as a relative newcomer that has begun to turn heads and win awards.

    Good luck!


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    Stuart Mitchell you'll not go wrong for the money. I have Hagues and Woods as we'll and rate Stuarts knives in the same league, premier.

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