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Thread: Rifle scopes you own, Your favourite and Why

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    Rifle scopes you own, Your favourite and Why

    Thought it would be interested to hear what scopes people here have dressed their rifles with, the favourite amongst your collection and why. Don't want to turn this into a brand bashing thread. Just an informative general discussion.

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    I bought a new Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50IR (illuminated reticle) about two years ago and it sits very nicely on top of my Sako 85. I am very pleased with the performance of the scope and although not at all cheap, I believe it offers good value for money compared to the very high end scopes that are out there, it has in my opinion very good quality optics and has a red centre dot which is fully adjustable for brightness. It is also backed by a 10 year warranty which is reassuring.

    I liked the scope so much that I bought another earlier in the year to partner a new Tikka T3,

    Its a shame that Zeiss don't sell a quality set of flip Up scope covers to go with their scopes, as the modern Butler Creek covers that most of us end up purchasing are now of shamefully poor quality.
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    Has to be my S&B 4-16x50, perfection for what I do, near or far. The only thing I would change is the reticle

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    Well, I have a rather inexpensive Leupold VX1 3-9x40. I am happy with it, and it has a lifetime warranty. It works and I can't imagine what would make it better....
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    Have different scopes for different purposes.
    The scope that stands out most would be Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50 Z plex , I like them so much that I have three of them.
    Light weight, great optics and simple to use. I have shot deer from under 4m out to over 400m, shot running deer at about 10yds and crows over 400m. Also my favourite for evening fox and under the lamp.

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    rifle 1 zeiss
    rifle 2 zeiss
    rifle 3 zeiss I hope in the next few weeks
    rifle 4 no scope as its being sold as I don't use it. and that's for the new zeiss on rifle 3
    shotgun a white bead thing on the end and half way up the rib.

    gun 5 no sights its a water pistop pump action gun for fun,


    ps: I love zeiss light, great glass and its what I can afford when I have money to spend.
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    I have a NightForce 5.5x22x56 with illum mil dot, brilliant at any distance i have shot out to 450yrds and thats just because its the longest part of one of my permissions, Very Clear and brilliant at the last inkling of light at night.
    My mate has what i think is the best scope i have seen and its a Ziess 6-24x72 we where out till well after witching hours and he had about another 15-20mins on me, lovely scope if only i had the spare cash. Still waiting on my variation for .308 and you never know if a second hand one came up !! I Wish.....

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    Zeiss classic 7x50 illuminated best all round stalking scope I have ever owned. Superb optics red dot aids confidence in low light. I also have the no2 best stalking scope as well Swarovski 8x56 4a reticule timeless piece of kit.

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    Easy. My Carl Zeiss Victory Varipoint 3-12x56 with the i60 Illuminated reticle and the BDC.

    Why? Because it is clear, great in all light conditions, and very handy at the range as well as the forest.

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    My first non air rifle (Tasco) scope was a Redfield 4-12 steel variable. Were it possible to replace the lenses for ones made by S&B or Swarovski I would put it back on my favourite rifle as I love the aesthetic.

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