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Thread: MP's Support for Shooting

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    MP's Support for Shooting

    I emailed my MP Patrick Mcloughlin, asking him ensure that he
    supports shooting due to its input and benefits to the UK economy.

    Dear Mr. Mcloughlin

    I wish to mention to you the large benefits brought to the nation by the activity of shooting . Firstly 2 billion pounds of activity put into the economy both directly and indirectly by shooters and allied support services.

    The fact that many, many people engaged in shooting are involved in conservation.

    Those shooters have knowledge of the countryside well beyond the often vociferous urban dweller making broad brush and often mistaken statements regarding the affairs of the countryside.

    I hope that we can count on your support in acting against any future attempts to curtail shooting activity.

    Yours faithfully

    This is the reply I received.

    Thank you for contacting me about shooting.
    I recognise the important contribution shooting makes to rural life, the economy and the environment.
    The Government is firmly supportive of the shooting industry. I am sure you will be pleased to hear that UK Sport invested nearly 4.5 million into elite shooting for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic funding cycle (2009-13), nearly 6.5 million for the Rio 2016 cycle (2013-17). I am also pleased that Sport England is investing 1.1 million in British shooting to get more people taking part in shooting regularly, alongside investment in elite shooting. I believe the increases in funding represent a real commitment for shooting to be seen as an attractive, engaging sport.
    I believe it is also important that the Government is not opposed to the possession of firearms for legitimate reasons and recognises that the vast majority of firearms are used responsibly. Whilst the Government rightly keeps firearm controls under review to ensure that the public is protected. I believe this, as well as the investment in shooting sports, represents a real acknowledgement of the value of shooting.
    Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

    While this is positive I think, I will reply reminding him that though

    these sums were spent on the Olympics, there is no shooting

    legacy remaining, which could have been avoided by using Bisley

    or constructing enduring facilities.

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