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Thread: Moderator choice, narrowed down to two, any opinions?

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    Moderator choice, narrowed down to two, any opinions?

    I've narrowed my choice of moderator for my A-bolt .308 down to the Third Eye Spartan or the Wildcat Evolution. On paper there's little to choose between them in performance, weight (475g vs 450g) or size. They are both strippable and cleanable, both British made. The Spartan can be used as just a muzzle brake (not sure why I might need that feature) or reflex mode. The spartan is £50 more.

    Just wondered if folks had anything to add to my decision making process?


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    I wouldn't touch a strippable moderator with a barge pole. AU-SL5 in .30 cal would be my recommendation. Regards JCS

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    Have a look at these ones made in norway, I am away to replace my Hardys with them for my 243, 270 and 300wm, The Woman is originally from scotland and is very helpful

    Products English : Hausken Lyddemper

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    I have to agree i wouldn't touch a strippable mod eigher and there are better and lighter mods available
    the SL5 is good on a .308

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    Any reason why not to go for a strippable mod? I would have thought for cleaning it would be useful.

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    Also interested in why you wouldn't have a strippable mod. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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    More to go wrong, possibility of shifting your zero every time you strip it, more complicated so more to go wrong.
    As for cleaning, well each time you pull the trigger it gets blasted clean by high pressure gas, it isn't for a rimfire and won't get clogged up.


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    I have a sonic 45 on a .270 and dont get any issues like that. And an A-tech on a 223 and also dont get any issues. I like to strip my mod to clean it. Think it will last longer than one I cant strip.

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    I find that people with strippable mods are constantly checking the to see if the sections are tight

    on a stalking rifle how much crap does a strippable mod collect inside and does it really need to be cleaned ?

    or is it a psychological thing that if its cleaned it must be better

    still non strippable for me just use and forget none of the "oh my zero has move - the front of my mod is loose to the rear part "

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    I have one moderator which can be stripped down for cleaning (DM80) and one which can't be, ASE JetZ.
    There is no comparison in build quality, the JetZ is twice the moderator.

    Unfortunately I'm unable to comment on sound attenuation as they are not interchangeable with the calibres that I'm using. . .

    I can however compare the DM80 and my friends ASE Northstar, to my mk1 ear hole the Northstar wipes the DM80's nose.

    I appreciate this probably isn't very helpful in making your decision but for what it's worth I wouldn't go passed ASE moderators, they are in a different league.
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