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    how to

    hi guys how would you begin t look at a new piese of land for stalking, deer population, number to cull per year ect ?

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    Hi russ69,

    I am assuming that you are asking how you would estimate deer populations and then from this decide on a cull figure.

    There are many different ways but here are a few;

    Select a small area of 10ft square and count the number of deer droppings. The refer to the tables in the best practice guide (DCS)
    View the track and racks they use and see how often there are fresh tracks.
    Use some stealth cams to capture movement.
    Previous cull records, do they exist?
    Speak with adjacent land owners and stalkers
    Physical Monitoring at peak periods AM/PM and from that you should be able to count over a 4 week period. This should give you some idea.
    Failing that DCS Best practice guides will help you on your well as the guys doing the FC leases, they can advise as they do this every tender.


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    First of all look at the overall place is it a place that deer would like be shelter piece and quite areas with out much stock (Roe deer hate sheep). Good feeding for the type of deer . Then walk the ground look for slots fewmets rubbings scrapes paths etc. Look for deer seeing is believing Ask others who know the ground and then if you can cast a lamp over the places after that you should have a good idea if deer are on the place.

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    its a pheasant syndicate that i help out on and see quite a few roe every time im there the land is 1100 acres of arabul farm land with 8 woods about 4 acres in size.

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