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Thread: carbon blade?

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    carbon blade?

    What is the best way of keeping a carbon blade rust free?

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    Keep it clean and dry, it is moisture that starts things rusting.

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    Put a light film of cooking oil/olive oil on it after cleaning.

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    I wipe mine with cooking oil after washing and drying, seems to stop the rust. What really buggers it up is putting it into the dishwasher and leaving it in there for a bit once the cycle finishes......

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    As above.
    Don't leave it too long in a sheath without checking it,they can take a stain.
    Carbon can take a damn good edge but it needs a bit more looking after.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Quote Originally Posted by takbok View Post
    Put a light film of cooking oil/olive oil on it after cleaning.
    As stated - a dab of oil on your finger pad and gently wipe over blade. The blade does naturally darken (patina) but that is part of the appeal of a carbon blade

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    +1 on the cooking oil,
    i use this on all my blades also as a plus you won't get twang of engine oil on your food lol , you could carry a green pot scrubber to clean it after you have done what you need too use if for.

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    You could try forcing a patina with vinegar, have some fun with the vinegar wrap. I could end up looking like a Damascus blade if you are careful?
    Then as said always use a film of cooking oil.
    Have fun?

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    You may want to consider a Citric Acid (food grade available from Chemists or Home Brew Stores) soak of the blade in warm-hot water - puts a dark colour on the blade by chemical action so as to be resiliant to rusting. Needs to be air dried to finish the process. When it wears off repeat.
    I have done this on a carbon bladed Mora which lasted at least a year and just repeated last couple of weeks.

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