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Thread: Swan Depletion

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    Swan Depletion

    A hunter was charged with shooting and eating a Mute Swan.
    He told the court the gun had gone off by pure accident,and it seemed wasteful not to eat it.
    The magistrate a lover of country sports agreed with him and said it was a perfectly reasonable explanation and found him not guilty.
    "Tell me",said the JP,as a matter of interest,"What does Mute Swan taste like?"
    The hunter said "Actually,it taste just like a Whooper Swan".

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    Polish Turkey with a good sized carp as a starter!
    A lot of truth in this joke sadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    A lot of truth in this joke sadly. MS
    Nah, not really, they don't taste like whooper at all, what they do taste like is Barnacle Geese !!

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