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Thread: 1st deer with my own rifle.

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    1st deer with my own rifle.

    Booked a day with Solway stalker "Colin", arrived on Monday afternoon and stayed in the b&b recommend by Colin. Tuesday morning met Colin outside and went to the estate, swapped into the estate vehicle and set off up into the hills , nice clear morning no clouds and sun just rising above the hills, making for stunning views. We set off on foot slowly working our way round to a grassy area behind a small wooded area. Colin then spotted a Roe @ 350 metres up an incline and 20 metres out of the wood. We stalked up to @ 150 yards from the deer without disturbing it despite the grass being frosty and crunchy under foot. With no further cover available we set up for the shot off sticks, no bi-pod on the rifle. Steadied myself and took the shot with the animal sideways on, don't know how but totally missed, sorry Colin, we checked the area but no sign of any shot residue and the deer bounced off quite happily into the woods. We went back to the truck and drove round the estate in search of more deer , sadly none appeared though saw some good sized goats on the hillsides. We went back for some lunch then off to Colin's own ground , we parked on the edge of a wooded area and walked through for about 100 metres then up to the right working up to a stone wall, Colin scanned with the glasses and spotted a doe @ 160 yds up the hill, with no cover to get nearer we decided to do the shot from there, Colin put his gloves on the wall I rested the rifle on them, got my breathing calm took aim and with advice from Colin to aim a little high due to gradient of the hill squeezed the trigger, the doe turned and ran in a quick semi circle downwards for @ 6 seconds and fell down dead. She was a good size and healthy, Colin gralloched her and checked it all it was all good inside, the bullet had gone in lower than i'd expected but then due to the angle done an almost perfect boiler room shot, all thanks to Colin's advice, that's Xmas dinner sorted anyway. I will definitely use Colin's services again, a genuinely nice bloke who I recommend anyone to use for stalking. My rifle is a Parker Hale 1200 in 270 with Utra jet z mod, 3-9-40 Red field scope, using 150 grain privi ammo.

    Atb Scoby

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    good read well done on your first deer
    regards pete

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    Great write up and well done Scoby

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    Well done Scoby happy days.

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    Tks for the kind words all, hopefully more to come soon now I've done the first 1.

    Atb Scoby 270

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    well done scoby, like you I have just done my first one and I am not likely to forget it

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    well done m8 ,first of many ,nice write up too

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    Well done, hope it's the first of many!
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Again tks for the kind words,

    Regards Scoby 270

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