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Thread: hilux insurance

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    hilux insurance

    its that time of year again, has anyone got a good deal on there insurance recently? i paid 350 last year fully comp, same firm want 536 this time i tried nfu last few years and they have allways been way over the top but some seem to get good deals off them. i have to have business use with it also.

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    Hi Andy try AJ Insurance I have been with them years and my crewcab is about 380 a year fully comp.

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    Why the price hike Andy ?

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    hi brough, they just gave me the old line that they gave me a brilliant discount last year . hope your well brough.

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    Andy, did you try the old 'ring up as a new customer' trick? Could be worth a try, see what cheeky discounts they are giving new customers at your expense.


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    I always say ive been quoted better elsewhere and am constantly amused at how suddenly there seems to be a better proposition on the table..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    As already stated in another post, i bought a hilux last friday, paid 405 from direct line which includes a replacement vehicle of the same spec if the unthinkable should happen.
    Covers me to take clients, and for use in my other business interests.
    Hope that helps

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    NFUdid me a great deal back in november and it was a commercial insurance to.
    regards john.

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    ive just used but admiral were next in line watch out for elephant they quote 10 months in stead of 12. you have to state 12

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    iam with the post office mate mines 390 fully comp protected no claims

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