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Thread: Zeiss Customer Service

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    Zeiss Customer Service

    Just wondering if anyone has had any success contacting Zeiss UK. I have been trying for last 2 days to contact their customer service dept.

    No answer on the telephone, despite being on hold for periods of up to 20 mins. Then had the bright idea of ringing sales, after all they have to pick up the phone - don't they?

    Apparently not! And despite leaving a message on Anita' voicemail asking for a call back - no response!

    The number I have been trying is 01223 401520



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    I emailed them off the contact on their website and had a reply later that day and new scope covers delivered foc the following day. Maybe try that instead?

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    Try e-mailing them at it worked for me.

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    Email mark karn he's very helpful.

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    Hi I can only speak as I found and the customer service is as good as you will get anywhere, my Victory binos needed a part and it was with me in a very short space of time and completely FOC,

    I had no problem emailing them and had an answer sameday.

    ATB WB

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    Thank you for the replies, I eventually got an answer by phoning their marketing division, who were very helpful.

    Yes I realise I could have simply emailed them, but a quick phone call should be all that is needed.



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