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Thread: .223 wanted

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    .223 wanted

    Hi all
    sorry to be so dull and posting yet another thread regarding.223 rifle and what to get.....
    The more I research the harder it is.......
    looking for nice set up, heavy barrel varmint/ Tac derivatives
    Perhaps Tikka T3 or Remy 700 tac
    Perhaps Super Varmint (Tikka)
    Budget say from 1400 to 1600 ish......
    would want decent glass to boot
    foxing day/ night 50%
    "Range" work under say 300 yards 50%
    guessing 1:12 twist sufficient for above?
    Your thoughts appreciated,

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    Sako 85 varmint ticks most all your boxes

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    If you are only shooting foxes from a blind, then 1:12 twist will work great with 50 to 55 grain bullets.

    If you think you may shoot deer with it, I would recommend going 1:9, so you could shoot 55 to 64 grain bullets very well, as your deer bullets are going to be made in those weights.

    If you have a larger centerfire or a rimfire which you love and intend to keep, seriously consider buying a similar sister rifle in the .223. For example,
    Rem 700 .270 / Rem M700 or Model 7 in .223
    CZ 550 / CZ 427
    Sako Finnbear / Sako Vixen
    Tikka 695 / Tikka 595
    Steyr M / Steyr SL.
    Howa 1500 / Howa 1500

    Think beyond just your immediate intended use for a few species of game or targets from the bench, to the .223 as a less expensive means of practicing and learning to shoot in the field, from a variety of positions, supported and freehand, iron sights as well as glass sights.

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    Tikka T-3 with a 1-10" twist. Lightweight and shoots most bullets well.~Muir

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    Get hold of countryman of derby he's got some amazing sako 85's in 223 with a 1 in 8 twist and he'll do you a deal on glass too. you will not get a better rifle off the shelve in my opinion.


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