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Thread: AICS bipod options

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    AICS bipod options

    Going to buying a bipod for my AICS but was wondering what everyone else is using that has the stock, was thinking of an atlas, a bit pricey but i would like to use the spigot attachment rather than just putting one of my sniper systems pods on it ,,,,,,,
    Snipersystems Mil Spec Tilting Bipods
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    Have a look at Versapod systems, they are a yank company but are widely available via the tinter web.
    I have one on my AI and a happy with its performance, it is heavier and a bit more industrial that a harris but is easy to mount and dismount using the spigot and is rock steady


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    I have used atlas, versa pod, AI and Harris on my aics and ax chassis rifles
    the atlas is very nicely made flexible in terms of options and light. Plus it's tough..not the fastest to deploy but good.
    the AI pod weighs much more but is quicker to deploy though flops about annoyingly unless you add the extra friction 'lock' to deal with this.
    versapod is similar if cheaper made at least in feel. My tactical picatinny mount failed utterly on this while on a medium range course. Un impressed. Harris are the old favourite light quick to use and reasonably resilient if not up to the standards of the AI and Atlas.
    they all have their place.
    if I could only have one then it'd be the atlas as it does most things well.

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    I have a Versa pod on mine the issue is how to fit a suitable spiggot into the AICS and into the versa pod. The one available is silly money. Dave at the Shooting Shed does three different types, I have one but its not exactly what I needed. He eventually just machined me a threaded bit of stainlees rod, however I am still not happy. I have now sourced a 11 mm bolt, which I will get machined to insert into the AICS. I have slightly modified the Versa pod head so it fits nicely(Removed the spring loaded catch) and what I will do is either put a nylock nut on it or source a knurled nut.

    This makes a firmer fit and takes up the play and fits better so should be a good fix. By adjusting nut tightness you can get approapriate cant and L/R travel.

    I am sure Dave could do a similar thing, just he appears to be very busy and difficult to explain exactly what you need.

    If you require more details please PM me.


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    Cheers lads ..all good info ..
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    I have an AI bipod for sale if you're interested. Mint condition, comes with friction lock and rubber feet for the bipod legs. 195 delivered.

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