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Thread: 222 Remington .... Why Oh Why?

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    222 Remington .... Why Oh Why?

    After having a dim moment I sold my 222 and all the associated bits ... Then I realised that I just can't live without one, so bought another 595 ... Hence the need for once fired brass preferably good makes Lapua / Norma even Sako I found to be very workman like ... So as the Big yellow taxi song goes ... You don't really know what you've got till Its gone ... Something to ponder ... Thanks

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    LOL,,...Exactly the same as me....I've managed to get hold of a fair amount of .222 cases...BUT, there's a chap still has about 80 PPU cases once fired, and boxed, think he was looking for 20 posted for them. I bought 80 as a backup to my Norma cases...., and they are in great nick. If you want, I'll find his name and PM it to you...

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