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Thread: Stalking in Lapland

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    Stalking in Lapland

    Probably going to Lapland next October to stalk Raindeer and Black grouse. I was wondering what weather to expect. Does anyone have any experience that area?

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    Here is some stalking filmed up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tusker View Post
    Probably going to Lapland next October to stalk Raindeer and Black grouse. I was wondering what weather to expect. Does anyone have any experience that area?
    I have hunted northern Finland a few times, and have some very good friends in that part of the world. Give me a call sometime and we can chat. Much depends on the time of year you are going, but the last time I hunted there it dropped to -27!!
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    I was in the south of Finland in the 1st week of October this year, out canoeing on the Lakes in Saimaa 3 hours north east of Helsinki. The wether was good for most of the time with some sunny days but some mornings were round freezing. October is when the weather starts to change, which can happen suddenly I have been told, so you may get sunny days or the winter weather can come. The lakes are all frozen over in November.

    The locals were starting to prepare for the village Moose hunt as we were leaving. We passed what looked like a very nice hunting shop on the way out near Mikkeli but was not allowed to stop as we had a flight to catch. I would be interested to hear about your plans & if you are using an outfitter/guide for the trip.

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    I use to work up in ivalo from december thru to march for a few years running and we use to see anywhere from -5 at the warmest down to -32 I think was the coldest we seen! so if your planning your trip around that time of year be prepared! its a lovely place, Im sure you will enjoy it!!

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    Have a mate goes with the terriers every year and he said the locals are fantastic but he's never known cold like it...
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    Been there in February years back and it was minus 40. Best advice is to put plenty of time in the sauna to make up for the cold. It's a brilliant country, have a great time.

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    What a fantastic thing to do. I hope you have a great time. They do say it's real cold but you should be ok if you pack your igloo.

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    Depending on definition, Lapland covers almost half of Finland so obviously the weather can differ a lot depending on location.

    I tried to find some weather sites with historical data in English. This site has few cities you can browse and the data seemed accurate compared to other sources:

    Weather Rovaniemi – Monthly Weather History|

    I'd say make extra preparation to have a change of clothes, including boots/socks and gloves/mittens in case it's raining.

    And reindeer cannot be legally stalked, it's considered domestic animal. There's some licenses for wild reindeer / forest reindeer / Finnish forest reindeer (in Finnish: metsäpeura, directish translation forest deer) but they're kind of scarce.

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