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Thread: Rifle Case/Slip Needed

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    Rifle Case/Slip Needed

    looking for a good rifle case/slip. My rifle with mod is exactly 48 inches.

    Any reccomendations?



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    Ash 243 might have something about the place, try a pm. Steve.
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    my lovely wife bought me one of these for my birthday next week


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    we sell these

    ive got a tikka T3 with a T8 and with the bipod it fits perfect even with the 2.5-15x56 Z6 ontop

    if i remember right there 40


    sorry link not working properly
    page 5 you will see the competitor series with shoulder strap

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    I bought a Harkila Skane bag/slip from these people:

    Attachment 270

    At least as good as my old Steyr-Mannlicher bag that the Teckel ate. Decent padding and the chunky zip looks like it will last the course. The rucksack type padded shoulder straps zip away when not in use and there's a decent zipped compartment on the other side with poskets for binos, ammo, torch, knife etc. Usual Harkila quality and the price at 85 seemed reasonable compared to the 'tactical' type bags.
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    I bought a 50inch aim drag bag from the shooting show at Newark. The quality is excellent with enough storage for all your gear, they are are a bit pricey at 130 but to be honest I have bough cheaper ones in the past and regretted it as they just don't hold enough gear.



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    Do what I did, shoot a Buffalo and get the skin made into matching rifle/shotgun slips.

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    I've got a Blackhawk gun case it has the rucksack straps and lots of handy pockets. Pretty much the same as the Aim bag, but I bought it because it was going cheap at a local shop. The only annoying thing is that I can't seem to detach the 'hood', which I don't need as I don't drag by bag around the place.

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    bit ott but what about them peli case's...

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