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Thread: Wiring a roof light, just a thought

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    Wiring a roof light, just a thought

    Had a new rooflight put in. If your sitting with the engine off the light dims. The battery is good. Would it be worth while wiring the lamp through a relay?


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    It may not make any difference, trouble is with engine running the voltage from the Alternator is normally 14.4 volts, when you turn the engine off it will drop to the normal battery voltage of 12 volts. easy to check, simply put voltmeter on the light and see what the voltage is with engine running and stopped

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    its also about making sure you have the right grade of cable run to the lamp. too light a grade of cabling & earth and you will have poorer lighting and potentially a fire risk if its overloaded

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    Relay, correct fuse, correct weight of cable. Again, probably won't make any difference although with the engine off you should be getting 12.5-12.6v if the battery is in tip top nick. It should help if any ancillary electrical equipment is switched off.

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    The wiring is fine as is the battery, relay was just a thought I had. cheers for the input guys


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    Do you have dual batteries ? your light would hold better if you could use the dual resources as a better power source .

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