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Thread: 22-250 PPU ammo

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    22-250 PPU ammo

    Hi all. As above, does anyone know where I can get my hands on some 55gr PPU for my 22-250. I'm in the North East area and have tried Barbican and Dave Folwell.
    I've never tried it but there is plenty of folk out there singing it's praises. So if it's cheap and I can find some, why not try it. Any one any ideas?
    Ta, cjs

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    Did you get any?

    I have 2 x 20 packs of PPU 22-250, 55gr sp on the shelf. Let me know if it is any use to you.

    I am only about a mile from the Tyne Tunnel.

    Northern Sprotsman

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    Hi accurate, I have just bought a load of my usual Sakos. But if you pm me your phone number, next time I'm heading that way I'll give you a bell and I'll have them. If you still have them obv. Thanks for the reply. cjs.

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