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Thread: Review of the year and a thank you to SD members and clients

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    Review of the year and a thank you to SD members and clients

    Well we are nearly at the end of another year, and on behalf of the site owners/admin {John, Alex and myself) I would like to thank all our members old and new for their support to the site and their fellow stalkers over the past year. As usual we have seen a host of good people helping others out and offering not only their time and stalking, but also goods for free. You have raised money for the SD bursary scheme which will hopefully see 10 new stalkers being put through their Level 1, I am sure John will report on this in the near future.

    On a personal note I would like to thank all of you that have stalked with me, and many more in the new year (the diary is full now right up until the end of March) I appreciate all of your business and many have come back over the past two years. The SD week in Scotland has become so popular that I am already booked for this coming year before the old one has ended.
    This year saw a total of 17 hinds taken, with everyone taking a beast and a few laughs along the way. Of course this would not be possible without the help of a few good friends who have stood by me over the past years. Namely Andy, Alex, John, Tom and Darren, plus of course my better half who always keeps the troops fed and watered, Sandra.

    The forth coming months are busy again for me and I am already booked for one week on the Mouflon in Czech, with another week half booked after a very successful and enjoyable week this year with 4 good guys off this site. Thanks again Terry, Ricky, Ross and Mike. Look forward to next year and also to hear about the forth coming Ibex hunt.

    I look forward to meeting old and new clients later in the new year, and hope that for all of you the coming year holds all that you and your families wish for. Also my very best wishes to you all from the three site owners for a warm, relaxing and exciting Christmas.

    Best wishes to you all from all the admin/owners of the site.

    Sikamalc ( Malcolm)
    JAYB (John)
    csl (Alex)
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    And thanks to all involved in running this forum, I have learnt a lot from it & enjoyed some fantastic sport with some great people. Thanks again for your efforts. ATB Mark

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    Quote Originally Posted by needsy View Post
    And thanks to all involved in running this forum, I have learnt a lot from it & enjoyed some fantastic sport with some great people. Thanks again for your efforts. ATB Mark

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    As a novice I'm very grateful for the help and advice I've found within the forum. Thank you to those that make it available, it's a great resource and community.

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    Thanks to all who make this such a great forum, and especially to Malcolm , Jon and Alex for creating and maintaining it.

    To be able to share, learn, ask, debate, support, compare, buy and sell in the way that we do on here is a fine thing indeed!
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    Many thanks to you also (and Sandra, Mark, and Donny). You are a master of your craft and can put even the unluckiest on deer. Looking forward to a return Ina couple years.

    Curtis (and Scott)

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    Thanks Malcolm and happy Xmas to you and your kin and all of the site admin too, a big thanks to you for my outing will be back again sorry to see you are booked out , and to all the guys i'v met and have had dealings with ho ho ho .
    AMVB wishing you a cracking 2015.
    Paul .

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    Thank you, and best wishes for 2015.
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    Looking forward to meeting up in January Malc on the CWD. Many thanks for the great hunt put together for Mouflon in Czech. All the lads have stayed in contact and im really looking forward to getting out on the Ibex with them.

    All the best to you and Sandra, Alex,John and all the many friends ive met and made through the SD.

    'Happy Christmas' guys
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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