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Thread: Urban deer control 2

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    Urban deer control 2

    Day two started with a bang on the van by Glynn at 6am,the rooster started about two hours earlier So not the best nights kip.A quick sort out of gear then off for a costa coffee on the way to the orchard that was at the bottom of mr no volume controls garden.A quick stop at his property for a look in his fields produced nothing so back in the truck and made our way around to the gates of the orchard.
    Sticks set to length,rifle loaded and off we set.We used the cover of a half covered poly tunnel to make our way up to the unused rough ground.After a quick glass we spotted the doe and her follower but we were in a position where we had no safe shot so quietly turned around and made our way back to the truck to look for an alternative way in.Upon returning to the truck we were greeted with a dog walker.He was not pleased to see the rifle and the idea that we were there to shoot a deer but Glynn dealt with him very professionally and he bid us goodbye with a "hope you are unsuccessful
    A quick chinwag later a plan was hatched to stalk up the opposite side in full view of the doe but along a hedge line as cover.As we crept up the hedge we made good progress on closing the ground down between us until about 100m when she finally paid us some attention.Unfortunately we still needed to walk about another 20/30 meter as the shot was still not safe.We needed her between us and mr no volumes fields as these fields sloped up giving us our backstop.
    Glynn told me to get on the sticks and wait for a few minutes as she might move into thicker cover closer to mr no volume controls fields.After a few minutes she stood up,she knew something was wrong but she wasn't too alarmed and slowly started walking to the thick cover and I lost her for a while but then she appeared in a small clearing and gave me the opportunity for the shot.She was now about 80m away offering a decent broad side shot which I took and she dropped on the spot.The follower then came out and was also shot.This was the first young I had shot and after she fell I had a feeling of guilt but realised she had to be shot.
    A quick field gralloch by Glynn and a slow messy one by myself and both deer were put in the truck to take back to the (campsite).
    The doe was put in my van and the other was expertly butchered by Glynn and placed into freezer bags to also go in the back of my van.
    After a clean up of the (campsite) and a handshake I bid Glynn farewell and set off for the two hour drive home with plenty of venison!
    Once again a big thanks to Glynn for a really enjoyable and knowledgeable weekend in what can be described as urban deer controll.
    cheers m8.
    ps after the doe was shot two deer run out onto mr no volume controls fields from cover Hope he didn't see them.
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    Photo's man, photo's.
    Plenty of venison steaks.

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