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Thread: Where to get a barrel screwcut in Somerset (southwest)

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    Where to get a barrel screwcut in Somerset (southwest)

    Anyone know where I can get a front sight removed and a barrel screwcut for a mod in Somerset or the Southwest and at what cost?

    Also does the barrel need reproofing once it been done?

    Just looking at increasing my options on purchasing a rifle


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    Rifle needs reproofing if you want to sell afterwards.

    Might be too far from you but if you Westbury Fieldsports they have a guy that did a good job for me.

    There was a chap out towards Street. Not sure if he is still there.
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    This business of proofing after screw cut for resale, genuine question, is this just if you sell it into the trade? Plenty of rifles get sold face to face privately and I bet I'm not alone in never having checked if they are in proof. Also, come to think of it, I've had rifles screw cut and traded them into to the trade and never had any questions asked about proof..... Just don't really see how this can be policed or enforced as a rule.
    Personally, get that BSA cut and enjoy it, for the money you won't go wrong,Mand have plenty left over for everything else, possibly including a paid stalk or two for some guidance?
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    What area of zummerset ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Personally, get that BSA cut and enjoy it, for the money you won't go wrong,Mand have plenty left over for everything else, possibly including a paid stalk or two for some guidance?
    I'm damn tempted, its just finding somewhere/someone that can screwcut it for me and not charge an arm and a leg, as said in my other post I could get it done through my club owner but he wants 150-200 to do it and won't do it unless he also sends it off for reproof which is a pita!!

    I'm with you on this reproof business, is it a different proof mark stamped on the barrel for screwcut barrels compared to normal ones? there must be something to highlight a difference

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    I was talking to Ivythorne about buying a rifle they had that wasn't screwcut and they said they'd be able to sort it. They're not that far away from you.

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    Their opinion is that it wouldn't need reproofing as you're not making a significant change to the barrel just by putting a thread on the end of it.

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    If you buy a rifle and decide to have it screw-cut, there is nothing in law that requires it to be re-proofed. If you later decide to sell / offer it for sale, then at that time the question would become relevant.
    There are conflicting legal opinions as to whether re-proof would be required. To the best of my knowledge, this has not been tested in court, so the opinions remain just that.... opinions.
    A lot of RFDs will insist on having the rifle re-proofed if you wish to sell it to them. They consequently deduct the cost of the re-proofing from the price offered.
    They are sensibly playing safe.
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    If you go to Steve Beaty at Ivy thorn he will send them to McKillop for screw cutting, I had a Hornet done by him and the workmanship was first class.

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