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Thread: Retail Shopping rant.

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    Retail Shopping rant.

    I usually don't rant about things as it seldom does any good, but this last aggravation bears ranting.

    I was in the City last Thursday for errands and a trip to the gym to move some iron. I left the gym and went to WalMart to finish my errands. Mostly for a DVD I"d promised to get for a co-worker. If you are familiar with these stores, you know that they are "Super Centers" with 20 checkout registers at the front, 4 in the back, and a Customer Service register also at the front. And generally they need them. The store is very busy yeal long and especially in the holiday seasons.

    So i pick up my items and make my way to the front. They only have three registers open and lines 50 feet long at each. I'm in line and the adjacent, previously closed, register opens and a checker invites us to the front. A woman in front of me with a few articles and a piece of paper hustles ahead of me and then turns to beckon someone. Well! Up comes two WalMart employees pushing and pulling three carts laden with goods. For 36 minutes i stood there while the checker and the woman 'discussed' the relative cuteness of each little stocking stuffer gift in the cart as each was checked through. Many times i looked around and could see no advantage in moving to another line -as nobody saw any advantage in getting in line behind me! Eventually, a 30-ish year old woman came and stood behind me in line and as the last item was scanned and the $800 total passed on to the woman at the register, she gasped and looked at me. I nodded told her that I was her age when I got into line, causing her to laugh aloud. At that, the woman at the register started crabbing me telling me that she was making a 'substantial' purchase! The girl behind me said, "Yeah. Whatever." The woman harrumphed and passed a piece of paper to the clerk.

    And this is the rub. She was a f-ing WalMart employee and was passing a slip to the clerk authorizing her employee discount. And she then fought with the clerk about the amount of discount necessitating the calling of three managers to get it sorted. Now 48 minutes has passed and the Customer Service register across the way is standing empty. When I asked one of the managers why employees couldn't be checked out by one of the three managers at the Customer Service area I was given a blank stare and a turned shoulder.

    I was pi$$ed. When I was in retail sales, employee purchases were after hours or done in a manner that didn't interfere with customer paying full price. If I hadn't promised to pick up this DVD I'd have walked away from my cart and left the store.
    Rant over.~Muir

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    That boils my p@ss it happens here as well

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    any news on typing?
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    any news on typing?
    Been busy. Hunting season's ended just now. Will get back to it.~Muir

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    fully agree muir ,when i worked in a certain store all staff transactions were after closing .and the blank stares and shoulder shrugs are a modern thing .the customer is no longer always right.the customer gets in the way of talking about last nights t.v

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    Been there also, however I left the trolley with about 50 of frozen food saying "it was frozen when I got in the queue, but I won't be wanting it now it's defrosted"

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    Nothing at WalMart amazes me. I would suggest that you take a smart phone, google "people of Walmart video" and then watch that video while waiting. It may inspire you to capture some of your own video clips.

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    Old men shopping. Nothing worse! Walked out of pcworld today when the "manager" said "I'll be with you in a minute" playing with his hardware... Wife hates shopping with me!!!

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    Thank you for sharing - it helps to talk and get it out of the system!
    Seriously though - I doubt you would find someone this did not agravate.


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    Been there myself. Nearly got into trouble by voicing my feelings. The manager took my name and address from a parcel that I subsequently then posted through the Post Office counter and made a complaint to my boss about me. Big mistake that. I replied by return of post that it was by then 'Her Majesty's Post' and that she had abused her position as manager of the shop that the PO counter was within and she had nothing to do with the PO. They agreed and she nearly got sacked and was interviewed by her area manager and warned about her future conduct! Everyone will get the comeuppance. They're rude ignorant people who deserve a letter to head office IMO Muir
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