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Thread: Nitesite Spotter Nightvision

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    Nitesite Spotter Nightvision

    I have a 3 month old Nitesite Spotter for sale. I have only used it a few times, however found it great for getting to high seats in the dark without disturbing deer in the mornings, also reconnaissance as well as foxing. The picture quality is great for the value having used several other types of NV systems.

    Below is the link - NiteSite - SpotterXtreme

    Nite Site Hand Held Night Vision
    Reason for sale is that I have been offered some top of the range thermal imaging binoculars at a crazy price that I just can't resist therefore this unit will not be of use to me in the future.

    RRP from Scott Country is 949.

    Price is 800.

    It is as new and the battery has been looked after from the start! Comes with charger & hard carry case.

    Any questions please ask.

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    Have you still got the nitesite i,am not far from you

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    yeah I bought it off him and it arrived just before xmas, great bit of kit

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