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Thread: Super Service by West Yorkshire Firearms Department

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    Super Service by West Yorkshire Firearms Department

    Hi to you all with all the issues posted lately with poor service and varying levels of service from your flo i just want to say i'v had the best service ever.
    I destroyed both my fac and sgc due to getting them wet and the other half cleaned up yp she chucked them in i had to phone my flo and they where super no problem just send a cheque for 17 for reprints by now i'd stopped sweating and asked for a variation form as well this arrived but no reprints.
    I phoned and got the reply i was expecting to be fair they where waiting for my variation so off it went,i recived the dreaded phone call...why do you want so i explained and left it at that with there parting words we look at variations on a wednesday and its here on monday with wat i want as well thats bloody great service and i will take the trouble to phone them and thank them

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    Please ask them to liaise with Lothian and Borders licensing department and pass on some of their efficiency

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