I live very close to Delcombe Wood near Milton Abbas. It is regarded by some as being the site where Roe Deer were released following their extinction from England.
Today I went to see some people who farm the wood for trees in order to buy a Xmas tree. I have never bothered about asking whether or not the stalking would be available but as I was there I thought I'd chance my arm.
I gave the lady the money for the tree and sparked up a conversation about deer and the Sika that I am always seeing up there. She said that she had many people ask.
She then said that the other day she had lost her dog and that she had come across a stalker and when she asked if he had seen her dog he said that if he had then he would have shot it.
I was utterly dumbfounded. What sort of idiot says these sort of things.
I quickly told her that it would be illegal to do so and that should she have the same problem again then she should tell the man so. I told her that it is illegal to shoot a dog unless it is worrying livestock. After a short while she said that she had felt quite threatened so again I enlightened her on the laws regarding assault and advised her what to do if she felt threatened again.
I have to admit that I kind of hope that the person responsible reads this. We do not need idiots like you in our sport. I know the owner of Delcombe Manor and I know who used to lease this ground.