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Thread: venison tikka masala

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    venison tikka masala

    dice much venison <2lb> and soak it in a jar of tikka masala sauce for 2 days . finely chop 1 whole green pepper,2 large spanish onions and crush 4 garlic in a big pan with a generous knob of garlic butter and cook for about 15 minutes.switch the oven on to about 180 deg . once the onions have softened sprinkle tumeric,coriander and tomato puree on top .mix for 5 minutes and add the venison and sauce mix,bringing to the boil and simmering for 30 minutes .place in a oven ready casserole dish and cook for 2 hours ,turning every 30 minutes.cook yourself either mushroom pilau rice/basmati rice or god forbid chips as a base for the curry.if your a sane and upstanding citizen add a garlic or keema nan to clean your plate a help to wash it down either a nice cotes de bergerac or ice cold cider .enjoy

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    It sounds fantastic .....venison tikka masala one of my favourites

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    Thats up my street. Just need to shoot some deer

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