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    Chapuis Challenger

    So the Chapuis Challenger was dropped from the range a while ago and no longer on their website. I thought they were okay, as my local store is the importer and I've seen them shoot very well. Even thought about buying one at one stage. Does anybody know if Chapuis will be producing another repeating takedown rifle?

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    Never seen one offered for sale in the U.K. or even advertised for that matter mchughcb. The only place that I have ever seen them was pictures on the Chapuis website and that was some time ago. I would have thought that if they were ever imported and offered for sale over here they would have been offered for review in the shooting magazines by the importers and I can't recall ever seeing a review of one in the shooting press.

    French rifles have never really caught on in this country for some reason, especially French bolt action rifles. Verney Carron is another company that has never been properly represented in the U.K. and they make the impact bolt action rifle that looks interesting.

    I suppose the only people that can answer your question is Chapuis themselves, so why not drop them an email. The company seems friendly enough and answered a question I had about my UGEX side by side.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Couple of Challengers going relatively cheap.

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