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Thread: scale pan

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    scale pan

    Hi, im after the pan which you put your powder in on the scales, been on flea bay but they only come with scales, which I already have.
    If anyone has a spare one knocking about please let me know.
    Cheers stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Hi stav,
    I have one. From a set of lyman scales I think. PM me your address and I will send it tomorrow.

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    Tis the time of year to make your own.
    Take one mk1 mince pie foil and cut to shape leaving a double fold one side for a handle.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    As luck should have it I, m now sorted thanks to karamoja and all free of charge but rest assured I, ll bob afew quid in next charity box I come across. Many thanks karamoja again
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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