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Thread: 20th Wedding Aniversary today!

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    20th Wedding Aniversary today!

    Well it's 20 years ago today that the wife and I got hitched in Blackpool Registry Office. In those 20 years we have been through quite a lot together, some great and some not so good and some plain terrible and we're still very much together and very happy.
    And "Dearly Beloved" thinks I have forgotten, he, he, he, he!

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    congratulation to you both. regards sbm

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    hope the next 20 will be all good


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    Congratulations for 20yrs
    I`ve been happily married for 5yrs .. been married for 33yrs but I was happy for 5 of them


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    congrats to both of you .hope u got something up your sleeve if she finds out you forgot

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