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Thread: Nice Muntjac

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    Nice Muntjac

    I've been asked to manage the muntjac in a wood near me and I've had a camera set up for a week to see what's around I've some nice vids at night but here's one in the afternoon.

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    I`ve not had much experience with Munties but that looks like quite a good head doesn`t it?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Don't film it.......................whack it.....!!


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    That’s a cracking head, I’d say gold as it seems to have some good brow tines as well. What feed have you put down?

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    Yes I reckon it looks pretty good, yeah hopefully I will catch up with him but it's nice to see them on the screen too, my aim with the camera was to get an idea of numbers moving the camera around the wood and looking for distinguishing marks on them (proofing harder than I thought) this boy is patrolling the area of about three females I think.

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    I've used wheat, sugar beet & apples, apples are a clear favourite so far with the Muntjac, humbugs seem to favour the sugar beet & none of them had a chance at the wheat as the squirrels are very very partial to that!

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    Cracking buck mate. Best get them rides cleared

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    Quote Originally Posted by crouch valley View Post
    Cracking buck mate. Best get them rides cleared
    I will mate when I get some time.......some gits got me beating on me day off. Lol

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    good vid thats a gold head if ever I seen one

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