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Thread: Hello from Worcestershire

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    Hello from Worcestershire

    Hi All,

    It has been a long time since I last visited the site so thought I had better re-introduce myself.
    I was bought up in rural Bucks and roamed the woodlands and farms near my home with airgun and penknife, not something a kid could do these days!!! Muntjac were just starting to move into the area at the time.

    My interest in deer stalking was stimulated when I spent several weeks on an estate in NW Scotland in the early eighties. I was supposed to be doing fieldwork for my geology degree, but spent most of the time assisting the stalker/ghillie and pony man, no quads then!!!

    I spent many years living and working in urban environments until late 90's when we moved to Worcs and I re-connected with the countryside and shooting. I took the DSC 1 at RAC about 5 years ago and have accompanied others on stalks but as yet have not acquired a FAC. Currently a probationary member of Worcester Norton SC.

    Cheers Ian

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    Hi Ian,

    Welcome to the site - it's a mine of hunting information and opportunities (with the odd cyber tantrum or happy-slapping thrown in!). I live in Herefordshire, work in Worcestershire and stalk in both, plus Shropshire too. There's a good local SD group starting up - we meet up on the first Friday of the month for a gossip, so you'd be very welcome.

    By the way, your user name will cause great confusion as we have an IanF already


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    Cheers for your reply Adam,

    Does the group you mention meet on or offline (ie a pub!). Thanks for the tip about my user name, I guess I had better change it quickly before I confuse anyone.

    Regards Ian

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    Hi there!

    I'm Spartacus!

    Good to have you onboard - you are obviously a great bloke with a wicked sense of humour, and probably modest and charming into the bargain.

    Like me!



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    Oh God, I think I've fallen into a parallel universe filled with IanFs...

    Ian from Worcs - we meet in the pub; usually the New Inn, Pembridge, Herefordshire but the beer's terrible so we're open to new experiences if you've got a decent local? As for the real Ian F - you and Jo are always welcome too.


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    Hi to you both,

    IanF, it took me a while but I get the joke....very good..only people of (or above) a certain age would understand the reference.
    Not sure where Pembridge is, may be a bit far for me as I live in Evesham and work in Swindon, but let me know when you are next thinking of meeting.

    Cheers Ian (ex F)

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    Swindon? Send me a pm if you fancy meeting up for a pint one lunchtime! ATB, Moonraker.
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    Will do,

    regards Ian

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