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Thread: Remington Sqeeg-E

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    Remington Sqeeg-E

    I got one of these as a gift, with the water based cleaner. It is .30 caliber, so I tried it on a .30-06 after a box of ammo. It seems to clean it well. I was not sure, so swabbed it with hot water, being leery of a water-based cleaner, then oiled it.

    Is anyone here using these? Seems it would be good for old rifles with corrosive ammunition, though I mostly pull the bullets from those. ( But I have a ton of .303 WWII surplus).

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    I bought one thinking I could use it with a cleaning rod but obviously its designed for a pull-though so has been sat in the jag box. If someone wants to share where I can get a suitable pull though without getting ripped off I might give it a go.

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    Yes, it does seem to be designed for a pull through, and I have an L1A1 kit which I made an adapter to take standard US brushes. But for this, I used a coated cleaning rod with a bore guide, stuck the rod through a cotton patch to further protect the crown, pushed screwed on the squeeg-E in the receiver, tilted the rifle muzzle downward, doused the little rubber do-dad, and pulled it through the bore.

    It really needs a dedicated little rope with a copper weight on the other end, to drop down the barrel. They don't tell you that when selling it.

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    Use them on a rod (pushed as normal from breech) as a cleaner/drier after patches. Seem to work well.
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    I think I am going to try pushing it in a conventional manner next time...just drip a little of the cleaning fluid on it as it goes into the throat.

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