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Thread: It took you HOW long to get a Muntjac...??!?!???

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    It took you HOW long to get a Muntjac...??!?!???

    Over the last few years I've read various write-ups of muntjac stalks posted on SD, often resulting in many bucks and does being seen and taken.....and I've been rather envious, as I've criss-crossed the country in pursuit of munties with a staggering lack of success....'jinx' is no exaggeration, and I was thinking that there was a fortune awaiting me as some form of non-lethal one-man muntjac-deterrent on the basis that as soon as I crossed the county border with munties in mind, they all buggered off....

    I have pursued muntjac in Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire.....and hadn't even managed to get my crosshairs on one. There see - jinxed...... I haven't dared add up the time, miles, cash and heartache racked up trying to get onto a muntjac!!

    However - a couple of weeks ago I found myself down in Oxfordshire with a couple of mates with Cervus UK, with cull fallow as the primary objective.....but with the chance of muntjac does....... I must say though that even my usual buoyant optimism was a tad suppressed in the light of previous escapades.....

    A fallow doe on the first evening was a confidence-boosting spirit-lifter, so the following morning I was posted into a 'banker' of a high-seat...muntjac all over the place, showing up on trailcams.....failure wasn't an option!! Except it was.. No suitable muntjac to be seen.

    Tuesday evening saw me in a different high-seat. A dead cert for a muntjac.....except it wasn't. What's the opposite of 'the lynx effect' for muntjac??

    We were leaving for home on Wednesday, so that morning was my last pressure.

    The rain eventually let up, and a brown streak darting across the ride to my left caught my eye - muntjac! That was the good news. The bad news? It was a buck and they were off the menu. But at least it was a muntjac. As was the next animal to appear next t the pheasant feeder 80 yards to me left. Another buck. You couldn't make this stuff up. I watched the 2 bucks through my binos for around 20 minutes until they decided they had deer business elsewhere and mooched off. Oh well. Thoughts of a fry-up started to trickle into my consciousness - and then I was snapped back into reality by the sight of a muntjac scampering from one rhodendron block to another, but I couldn't tell if it was a buck or a doe because of the foliage.

    However - what was certain was that there was a muntjac in the rhodendron block right next to the feeder!! I was ready with the binos when a ahead and shoulders emerged.....

    Doe! Rifle up, crosshairs onto the shoulder, and a 150g RWS softnose was exiting the .308.....

    ......and down she went. Thank #%!* I didn't miss!!!!

    At looong last, I'd broken my muntjac duck. Hopefully that is my jinx well and truly behind me!!

    (As a brief post-script, we've just had the haunch from said muntjac for dinner.....delicious.)
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    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    I believe you deserved that one merlin, well done mate.

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    Like buses, three will come along next time mate!

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    A well deserved munty mate.
    I know you have tried a 'few' times for one mate. Now you have 'scratched that itch'

    Well done mate.


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    well done quen. There lovely little buggers aren't they. Hopefully that's the end of the bad luck. It must have been from all that good luck out in Finland.

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    well done totally understand your frustration ,took 7 outings to get a fallow buck.thought like yourself i was it tasted nice too

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    I was asked to start on the foxes back early in the year on a 600 acre farm, after whacking 7 in one night the farmer asked me if I could trim up the Muntjac...
    I went twice and saw I changed tactics and went on foot. Out of 14, 3 have come from my 2 high seats...I looked for tracks that crossed fields, then pitched up in the hedges and shot them as they made a move...
    No selection, just trim them up....

    On other land I shoot they are about and walking my spaniel is building up a map of where they move.
    I treat them like foxes as in they do seem to have a routine and once you dial in then the rest is down to you...


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    Well done, well done. I fully understand your frustration and final success. I felt the same way on Sika. My first trip over was a quick score on roe, felt a bit full of myself. Second trip was my comeuppance.

    Glad you have one under the belt and in the chiller. Soon you will be adding a buck muntie to your bag.

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