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    Deer Record Book

    Recently my grandad was showing me a book he kept to record everything he and his friends used to shoot, whilst rough shooting every Saturday throughout the season. Including the amount shot, species shot, price got for the fox skins etc. It made for quite interesting reading and I was quite amazed at the figures achieved many years ago for fox skins. I've decided I need to start keeping a written record of my stalking experiences, so I've got something to look back on when the legs and back aren't so keen on dragging the reds across fresh drillings any more (Which hopefully won't be for a long while yet!)

    So can anyone recommend a good Deer record book? I've had a quick scan of the internet, but can't see anything specifically for the job.

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    Hi have a look on the british deer society site they do a deer register its about 30
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    go into WHSmiths and get a black n' red

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    I have a book that is out of print now, if you forward me your e mail I will attempt to scan it ,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    I have a book that is out of print now, if you forward me your e mail I will attempt to scan it ,
    They are available on ebay

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    Thanks for that mine are nearly full, I asked about a year ago and was told out of print.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, the one on eBay looks exactly what I've been looking for!

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