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Thread: .300 Win Mag

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    .300 Win Mag

    Is a .300 Win Mag too much for Roe?
    If it isnt.. thgen what would be an optimum bullet weight?

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    Depends on where you shoot it, and bullet construction. A headshot from a .243 or .338LM isn't much different, but I wouldn't use my 338 on a h/l shot.

    Back to your question. No, it's not too much, optimum weight ? Whatever you normally use
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    Stick with heavy bullets of standard construction or bonded core/mono metal in lighter weights and it should be ok.

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    Answering -
    1. No, dead is dead.
    2. I use 180grn Nosler Partition.


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    Although I agree with the above posts your FLO may not. So be sure to write up a comprehensive letter explaining why you NEED the 300WM.
    Just list off all the reasons you've decided on that calibre and why it is beneficial to other cartridges. Stuff like higher hydrostatic shock, flatter trajectory, more energy at extended ranges, less wind drift etc all contribute to more humane kills and that's your reasoning.

    Good luck mate, I don't know if you've shot 300WM before but if not you've got A LOT of fun coming!

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    I very rarely agree with the opinion of an FEO, but on this occasion I would struggle to see any good reason why a 300WM could be argued for if the use is solely to be on roe.

    The OP hasn't mentioned any other use, either just now or in the future. He's just asking if it's too much gun for roe. So, based on that use regardless of this argument about dead being dead, I would say a 300WM for roe deer is a ridiculous chambering to try and find in favour of for the sole purpose asked about in the OP.

    Why would anyone think that the higher energy it delivers is necessary on such a small animal???? Up here we have seen the value for years of being able to use chamberings like 22-250, 222, 223, 220Swift on roe. Less recoil, less powder, far, far cheaper and even on windy days more than capable out to 200yds, unless of course every shot you take is much further than that and always in a straight cross wind and never into the face of it. I can't actually remember shooting deer at normal ranges in such a high wind I was worried about bullet drift, because if the wind was that strong a) its unlikely the roe deer will be out, different if red on a hill obviously, but the questions about roe, and b) I'd be as worried about this gale blowing me around too during the shot and not just the bullet drift?????

    we are looking at tiny differences of bullet drop or wind drift between a 300WM and say a 270, or 25-06 at deer shooting distances anyway... Nothing in my opinion to justify the case for a 180grn or 200grn bullet on an animal weighing up to 60lbs, so the need for greater energy is a non starter!!!

    If for example, the OP was a target shooter, and on the odd occasion said he fancied a go at roe deer but didn't want to own two rifles or have the expense that involves, then fair enough. As one rifle for solely shooting roe, which is what's been asked???? Why would you want to?????

    And this opinion is based on owning a 300WSM, a 6.5x47Lapua (currently being built), 243, and about to purchase a 222, just for shooting roe and Munty's down south. The 300WSM is a great chambering, on big Sika and red stags though, but even then doesn't kill any quicker than my previous, 270's, 25-06's, 308's...

    All political arguments aside, nor digging our heels in for the sake of our rights as stalkers, I'd ask the OP why would your first choice be wanting a 300WinMag for shooting small deer and on what ground do you intend using it?

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    I sometimes shoot fallow & chital with a 375 wby & sambar with a 458 Lott. Because I can. A 270 win, it could be argued is a better choice (& yes & have plenty of other choices too). However "choice" is the key word here, so long as I'm not stepping one someone else's rights or safety & am treating the animals hunted ethically & humanly why shouldn't I use a bit more gun if its legal & I choose too?

    At the end of the day a 300win mag is still only a wee gun.

    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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    I Have a 300 WM approved for my ground although it is very rarely used. The only time I contemplate taking it out is if I have damage to young plantation by fallow (usually) in difficult to get at locations. If I need to be able to sit tight and take shots at extended ranges from vantage positions it's my go-to chambering. So it's a tool in my armoury I find very useful, but if I didn't have it I could easily live without it for UK work.
    that said, if you like really big bangs with plenty of recoil it could be the one for you !

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    That's not what the OP asked. It's also why I said all political and rights arguments aside, it is still in my opinion a ridiculous chambering to choose as a gun for solely shooting roe deer. That's not a 'wee' bit more gun, it's asking for something for the sake of it and not backing it up with justifiable argument. The disadvantages far outweigh any possible advantage in practice. I would also assume the OP is a novice to ask such a question. Who, with any experience would actually encourage such a person to opt for a 300WM if that is the case?

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    "is a 300 win mag too much for roe?" The OP


    Is it too much for a "novice" ( including a healthy 12 yo girl)? No, not with the correct instruction & some super vision for the first couple of hundred rounds.

    "Men Who Stare at Deer."

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