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Thread: What .270 bolt action rifle ??

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    What .270 bolt action rifle ??

    I am currently looking to purchase a New or Used .270. I was going to go for a Sako 85 Laminate stainless, but a good mate who is a gunsmith
    says they are not a patch on the old 75.. Has anyone got an 85 in .270. what's it like ? Any good ? I use a 75 in 22.250 which is a really accurate
    and has given me years of good service. Was also considering a Sauer or possibly a custom job.. Advice and ideas much appreciated..

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    I have an Abolt Mk1 Hunter in .270.......can't fault it

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    I have read a lot of posts saying that the Sako 85 isn't anywhere near as good as the Sako 75... I think a fair proportion of these are written by people who have read the above but have never actually owned both rifles... As for the 85 not being a patch on the 75 as your gunsmith friend has told you, I think that's a bit of an exaggeration!... Ask him why exactly he has formed this opinion. I have an 85 stainless synthetic (in 243) and I very much doubt that a 75 is SUBSTANCIALLY better.

    As for 270 cal, I bought a new tikka t3 in 270 earlier in the year and have had it mildly customised. I would highly recommend this rifle if you are buying new and don't want to stretch to Sako prices.....It has a nice trigger and is very accurate. Though if money is not a concern, I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending a Sako 85 in this calibre if my 243 sako 85 is anything to go by.

    Here they are side by side and out in the field.
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    The 85 is the leapfrog money maker off the 75, it is deffo lower spec and quality and is still good but, no, the 85 doesn't hold a thing against the 75. That said, I would take any mauser or mauser based rifle over any sako ANY day of the year

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    At the end of the day, all you want to do is get a piece of lead & copper to the right place a hundred or so yards away from you. Makes absolutely no difference whatsoever if it's a Blaser, Sauer, Tikka, Gottahaveit or what-have-you that sends it down-range............if any rifle you look at is in decent condition, within your budget, and you like the look of it, you'll shoot well with it. There's a lot of utter crap talked about by so-called 'experts' on this site, but this is honest advice & it'll serve you as well as it did me

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    I own an 85 in 308 and have used many a 75 in the past which is better ? to be honest apart from the recoil lug in the 75 being beefier and the stock, there is nothing in it the 85 is a great rifle and I have beaten mine to a pulp and it has been faultless love it puts it on the money every time, also magazine push/lock release great feature saves any worries of losing the mag in the field strong gun I love mine its a stainless synthetic model 5 stars from me....

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    Boggy, if you are accustomed to the Sako 75 and happy with it, look for a used one or an 85 in .270 Win.

    Have you shot a Sako 75 or 85 in .270 Winchester? There seem to be plenty of them over there, so that is what I would do first. Sounds like you like wood and steel; you don't say where or what you will hunt, or how. If you are not sure 100%, then buy a T3 Lite for little money and try that for a while; I never heard of one in .270 that did not shoot right out of the box. Over here, where I live, those who like pretty wood buy a lot of A-Bolts and X-bolts in .270.

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    I Own a Sauer 202 in .270win, Cracking rifle and calibre, can't fault it.

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    As above from Geoffrey.
    Those who can, do it. Those who can't, teach it.

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    Have a read of Nathan's book The Long Range Hunting Series - Terminal Ballistics Research or before you spend any money. It's easy to buy rifles, it's much harder to get rid of them when you change your mind.

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