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    cz 557

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    Well a while ago I was struggling with consistency with my old parker hale in 308. So having explored mounts and scope and ammunition and finding them to be good I whittled it down to the rifle itsself. So after much looking and reading of reviews I had roughly decided on a sako if I could find a good second hand one. I would have liked a new 85 but at 1400 quid plus mounts and a different mod as mine has a different thread it soon added up to way to much.
    I was tempted with a tikka but I just don't like plastic mags and bolt shrouds. Not a massive problem and I didn't mind the synthetic stock but the other bits really put me off.
    I had resigned myself to a second hand rifle but then saw a CZ 557 sporter.
    It has a beech stock which whilst not being stunning its not unattractive and seems well proportioned, with clean chequering and an ample gap to float the barrel. The barrel is a semi heavy and twenty inches in length. It does not come factory screw cut but the importers Edgar brothers had this done.
    It has a floor plate with a positive catch which feels crisp and I could never imagine it being caught and dropping by accident.
    The bolt is different from previous cz rifles I have owned in that it has a short extractor rather the traditional Mauser type claw. This also means it's push feed rather than controlled feed which took some getting used to. What I do like about this bolt though is how much smoother it is compared to my old czs and the parker hale and that there is very little slack when the bolt is fully open. Its not as smooth as a sako but at a fraction of the price I am pleasantly surprised how good it is. The trigger is adjustable for length of pull and weight but it is set at what I think is a good weight and breaks very cleanly.
    I got this rifle for 650 which I think is a very good price for a rifle of this standard.
    Initial sighting in and testing looks promising to with getting 3/4 inch groups at 80 yards off of bags prone with federal 150 gn power shocks. I think it will easily shoot half inch at 100 yards when I can get my bench set up and have some more practice.
    I managed to get out for a stalk this weekend on a beautiful frosty morning and caught up with a nice fallow buck. The shot was lower than I wanted he was quartering towards me and standing uphill but he only made 15 yards so not to disastrous.

    Anyway I hope this is informative as there is not much information out there yet about these rifles. I will try and get some decent pictures uploaded

    Regards Pete

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    Looks good to me, and well christened
    Just go carefully with them scope rings!


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    Thanks Niel. So what's up with the rings

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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1 View Post
    Thanks Niel. So what's up with the rings
    Very easy to get out of line and ending up with a crimped scope tube.
    Probably why they are commonly known as "mangle locks" rather than angle locks.
    According to CZ any of the 19mm scope mounts from the CZ550 series should fit.


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    Oh ok thanks. I spent probably far to long getting the scope set right so I hopefully would notice if they were wonky but i will check anyway thanks

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    Novice question: Whats to get used to with push feed rather than controlled feed?

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    As I understand it my old parker hale had a large extractor claw which caught the groove on the case head and held it as it fed into the chamber. This also meant that the rounds had to be fed from the magazine and could not be fed individually as the extractor claw would not jump over the head of the case. With this push feed as the round is fed from the magazine it is free to enter the chamber weather the bolt is behind it or not. It works just fine and you can feed rounds individually it just felt like the round was to loose and would fall out compared to my old rifle

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