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Thread: Red stag stalking , July next year for Stag do.

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    Red stag stalking , July next year for Stag do.

    Hi All,

    A friend of mine is getting married next August and for part of his stag do he wants to shoot a Stag and keep the carcass to then serve at the wedding.

    There planning the stag do for July but before the kid break up from school. So were looking at Scotland (due to seasons) and between 1st and 20th (ish) of July.

    He has shot before but not much as does not have a licence etc. So will need to borrow a gun etc and if some range time could be had that would be great.

    He's from Cambridge so the closer to the borders the better.

    If people can let me know what they have to offer or people they can recommend I will pass the details on.

    Now I know he's not looking at shooting a full gold medal head etc but a nice head would be great. Also I know staking is stalking but if he can get a stag it would be fantastic.

    If you need any more information let know.


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    the only head that you will shoot will be in soft antler at this time of year Michael, but the venison will be great nice and fat. atb

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    Soft antler would be fine. He just wants to do something different and a real 'stag' do. And even better if the meat tastes great.

    Would you have any thing available Scotland deer stalking? if so can you pm me details.


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