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Thread: Rock and a Hard place

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    Rock and a Hard place

    I am in a dilemma and i have myself to blame

    Going back to a 6.5x55 as i have mentioned elsewhere (dont ask) but now it gets complex. I would ideally like a synthetic stock

    3 options

    T3 - New / recent second hand (can afford to be a bit more picky) around 700

    M695 stainless synthetic (at a dealers now) - Already have a wood / blue 595 and like it. dealer assures me is excellent condition (will check though) but not bore scoped yet. 550

    Sako 75 - Will likely be a wait and more expensive than the first two and unlikely to be synthetic. Likely to be around 700

    I like the idea of a new rifle as its a clean sheet (been stung before) but at the price of the 695 i will be able to re stock it for the cost of a sako / new t3 with a better synthetic stock than standard.

    I quite like the T3 action etc but the synthetic stock is a bit toy like although the forend seems to be more rigid than most factory ones

    Any ideas / feedback?

    Im not in a rush and stil havent sold my .243

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    i have a 695 in 270 synthetic and would not change it why don't you look at a range of models and check out how they feel

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    Watch the adverts here !
    I got a year old 300 shots fired Tikka T3 HB Varmint 6.5X55 complete with 6-24 scope, mounts, 3 die set, loading block, bullet box, 300 CCI primers, 70 Lapua bullets, part tub of Viht.N150 and about 50 cases for 550.
    I gave the chappie 50 more to bring it to me on one of his days off work.
    The boxes for the scope and rifle were also supplied.
    I have briefly played with it and it is shooting better than an inch group at 100yds at present which for a partially sighted 77 year-old wrinkly is acceptable.


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    Stag, your perceived vision defects did'nt get in the way on that one mate! but your grouping reports on this one have slipped a little!
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    I have had a 'heft' of the T3 in wood and synthetic and liked the actions and the fore-end seemed to be fairly stiff but cant help but think that the 695 / sako 75 is a better rifle

    But there again once bitten and all that i had a second hand and the bore was a bit buggered so it went back making me a bit wary!

    Stag, i had a look at that as well but was still in the thinking stage rather than the ready to get going stage.

    Think i will have a look at the 695 at the weekend and see what it is really like.

    Amber, how do you find the synthetic stock compared to a T3?


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    have you thought about the T3 with a laminated stock

    thats what i used to have before upgrading to a robertson composite

    i have to say that the laminate is easily scratched though but they do look nice and are quite stiff

    if you would like a price for stock or rifle please do get in touch

    steve hunter
    the hunters cabin

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    Without a shadow of doubt it has to be the M695.

    Its like comparing Beretta with Baikal shotguns comparing M695's with T3's

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    Dan i found the 695 to handle and feel right its very nice in the palm it takes the knocks the t3 looked very cheeeeep but i have a freind with a sako 85 and i still would have the 695

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