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Thread: Bushnell or Nikon for a lightweight rimfire scope

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    Bushnell or Nikon for a lightweight rimfire scope

    What are the readers opinions of these lightweight sub 200 scopes for rimfires?

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    Either will do fine - be aware that there are many Bushnell Chinese copies out there.
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    Look at the Hawke HD Sport 4x32 Mil Dot. Etched reticle, and dots work for holdover.
    The Burris 2-7x35 and Vortex 2-7x35 ( both with BDC reticles) work well, as does the Leupold 2-7x32.
    The Leupold 3-9x32 EFR is a super small scope for rimfires or centerfire.

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    Another alternative to consider would be the MTC Mamba, or even Mamba Lite if you want to go really lightweight. Thoroughly recommended.

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    Hmmm, mamba lite is not my idea of light. And not that good to use either

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    I have both Nikon and Bushnell (Legend) scopes here and when compared side by side imho the Nikons are better, so much so the Nikons are staying and the Bushnells are being sold, if you do go for a Bushnell make sure its made in the Philippines and not China, as already has been said either of the scopes will be ok for a Rimfire, both of mine wear Nikon Prostaffs and i think for the money they are excellent, If you can find a Burris Fullfield ii have a look at those as well.

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    I have a nikkon prostaff on my .243. Cant fault it for the money. Im told they campare to scopes twice the price. I just put a hawke varmint on my .22 thats good and being a side focus its also good for nv.

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    Simmons whitetail classic are a cracking scope I have on on my rimfire usually pick them up for 100 or less
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    I have a burris on mine. Light weight and tidy reticule that goes out to 100m.

    Personal thing but but I had an MTC and don't rate them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe soapy View Post
    Hmmm, mamba lite is not my idea of light. And not that good to use either
    + 1 on that as well would not use them on and airgun just crud.

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