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Thread: pocket knifeave

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    pocket knifeave

    Anyone have a preferred hunting pocket knife make?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Buck 110.
    Never go anywhere without mine. Been in its pouch on my belt for 24 years!

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    Opinel no 7 used them for years on everything from rabbits to red stags
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    +1 for the Opel No 7. Cheap, light weight and holds a good edge.

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    use a fixed but its always around

    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Buck 110.

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    I use a svord peasant as my folder. It was a bit rough when it arrived and took a while to get a shaving sharp edge, but it's easy to dismantle and clean properly, cheap as chips and the locking mechanism makes it safe to use.

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    Have to agree with the majority - I wouldn't be without my Opinel!
    At around 6.00 a piece you will not be heart broken if you happen to loose it (Which is one of the reasons I bought mine some 6 years ago) and they are really easy to get "razor sharp" and hold their edge well!

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    As an "every day carry " legal below 3" non locking i have svord peasant mini
    Love it

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    and another one for opinel Very easy to keep sharp, no big deal if you lose it and easy to clean

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